Attitude and Commitment for Entrepreneurship

Attitude and Commitment for Entrepreneurship

Attitude and Commitment for Entrepreneurship

It has been my observation and experience over the past decade that attitude and commitment will make a huge difference in your level of success as an entrepreneur, or in any walk of life for that matter. And it turns out that attitude and commitment are connected at the very core of values that are important in our lives. Years back when I was still working as a classroom teacher, it was the shifts I made in these areas that permitted me to transition away from the life of an employee and into my new life as an online entrepreneur. Allow me to explain.

When I began teaching I had an excellent attitude each day. And I was fully committed to doing whatever it would take for me to achieve my own goals, as well as those of the school district and of the school where I had been assigned. Nothing they asked of me was too much. Even though I worked in real estate on a part-time basis for all of the twenty years I was teaching, I always put the classroom first when it came to my priorities.

But over time things changed. The students changed. The other teachers changed. The school district changed. The world changed. And, most importantly, I had changed. Along with all of these changes my attitude and commitment to my work had changed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was still doing the best job I could do in the classroom each and every day. I put my students and their well being first, and that including treating them as unique and precious individuals, as well as educating them to the best of my ability. But my enthusiasm had waned, as had my energy. I was exhausted much of the time and it was all I could do to stay positive and focused each day. The result was that my attitude and commitment to public education in general was not what it once had been.

Attitude and Commitment to Change Your Life

A series of events led me to make the decision to leave teaching. I gave myself two years in which to find work that would replace my income and I knew that it would not be easy or simple. That is the path and journey to entrepreneurship that I have written about in several of my books. What transpired over that two year period was nothing less than miraculous. Without going into all of the details suffice it to say that I was determined to make this transition within my two year time frame, and to do it in a way that reflected my character as a person who would always do the right thing. I wasn’t about to ruin my reputation just because I wanted so badly to change careers.

I began to think about my job as a classroom teacher as being my “million dollar a year” job. Of course I would be more enthusiastic if they were willing to pay me almost thirteen times as much salary! Was I that motivated by the money I was earning? In part, but there was much more at stake. I also wanted to be valued for the work I was doing. So I began to think of myself as one of the principal’s favorite teachers at the school. This, in combination with the seven figure salary was enough to change both my attitude and commitment to what I was doing each day. Once I ingrained these ideas into my mind I fully and completely believed them.

Those next two years flew by, and many times I was so joyous with the work I was doing at school I questioned my reasons for wanting to resign. But at those times I reminded myself of my goal and kept moving towards the next chapter in my life. New ideas flowed to me easily, and soon I had discovered the work I would be doing in my new online business. That was in 2006, and the rest is history.

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