Emailing Your List — My Proven Strategy

Emailing Your List

Strategies for Emailing Your List

If you are new to email marketing you may experience some fear around emailing your list too often or at all. This is completely normal and a common feeling based on the belief that if you send out an email the people who have opted in to your list will now unsubscribe. So you find yourself in a catch-22 where you can’t move forward for fear of losing out. The answer is to cast the fear aside and send your emails out regularly. This means that emailing your list two or three times a week is preferable and that if people unsubscribe you have to be alright with letting them go. It typically isn’t anything personal and just has to do with what is going o in their life and business.

Now that you’ve moved past that, what should you write about in your email messages? I recommend to my students that they make it clear exactly who they are, what they do, and how they intend to serve their community. Now you can’t do all of this in every email you write, but if you keep it in mind then you will come across as knowledgeable, in integrity, and willing to help those who stay on your list. Including valuable tips, resources, and pertinent information is a great place to begin.

Another strategy you will want to incorporate into your emails is to take them away from the email message and on to your blog or other site. The beginning strategy for this is to tell them about a blog post you have written and to even include a sentence or two. Then include the link where your subscriber may click to continue reading. This is extremely helpful with your goal of getting people to click on your links.

Emailing your list can become a task you look forward to if you are willing to take some time and create a strategy that works for you. I am sending emails anywhere from seven to ten times each week, and I joke that I only mail on days that end with d-a-y. This works for my niche of online marketing and will vary from niche to niche. And never be afraid to try something new that no one else in your field is doing. You could just be on to something that turns out to be very effective and that others will follow.

I am often asked which day or days of the week are best for emailing your list and at what times of the day. My market tends to be on Eastern Time (ET) so my goal is to send my emails when they are first awake and checking their email in the morning or when they come home from work. This will vary on the weekends, holidays, and during more traditional vacation periods such as a long holiday weekend or during the summer break from school or winter and spring vacations.

And every week or two make sure to give your subscribers a day or even two days off from your email messages. Who know, they might actually miss you!

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