Headlines That Grab Our Attention

Headlines That Grab Our Attention

If you want to sell the information products and courses you have so painstakingly created, then you absolutely must write sales copy with headlines that grab our attention. This makes sense if you stop and think about it, yet many people I work with struggle to find the right words to use. In the interest of keeping everything simple and straightforward, I will recommend that you use three templates that I will discuss further here.

The first of the headlines that grab our attention are something I call “statements of fact”. This is different from a conviction statement in your sales letter, where you feel so strongly about your product or course that you make a bold statement about how it will help your prospect. Instead, a statement of fact is just that, a statement that is honest and factual as to the topic you are discussing.

For example, if your product is on the topic of housebreaking a new puppy, your statement of fact might be something like:

“If You Don’t Housebreak Your New Puppy During The First 30 Days, You May
 End Up With A Pet That Is Never Fully Housebroken”

The “statement of fact” headline is hard hitting and makes your prospect think. You must follow through with more details on your statement, but the idea is to make them stop in their tracks and give some serious thought to what you have stated to them.

The second template is a favorite of mine and many other direct response copywriters. It’s the “Who Else Wants To…” template that seems to fit with just about every topic I have encountered in my more than a decade working online. Here is an example, related to housebreaking your new puppy:

“Who Else Wants To Housebreak Their New Puppy In Record Time And With Little Effort?”

Of course, the answer is that everyone wants to achieve this goal. By starting with “who else” you are including your prospects in the decision to take on the challenge and accomplish their goal.

The third and final headline template I will discuss here is the “X Days To Y” headline. Deadlines work well with all goals, and in fact a goal only makes sense with a deadline. Here’s a related example from our theme of housebreaking a puppy:

“7 Days To A Housebroken Puppy And Loving Family Pet”

Can you picture it? The new puppy is finally housebroken and able to be a full member of the family, sleeping with the kids, going for car rides, and watching television with the family. This was the initial dream when they brought the puppy home for the first time, and you can help them to achieve this quickly.

Now it’s your turn. Write as many headlines as you possibly can for your product or course using these three templates. Read them aloud, rework them, and use vocabulary that makes the prospect think and react. Don’t be afraid to write some silly ones as well, like “Who Else Wants To Take This Puppy Back To The Breeder Right Now!” to get into the groove of writing sales copy that sells. Then let them sit for a day before coming back to read them over and add more headlines to the list of those you already have. Have fun with this and know that the headlines that grab our attention are the ones that most easily convert into sales.

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I’m author and online marketing strategist Connie Ragen Green. I work with entrepreneurs to create multiple streams of online income and would love to connect with you. Pick up my Online Entrepreneur’s Blueprint and get started right away.

Originally published at Huge Profits, Tiny List.

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