Persuasion Techniques in Your Online Business

Persuasion Techniques

Using Persuasion Techniques to Your Advantage

If you have ever been in the position of attempting to get a child to do something they do not want to do, you are most likely already a master of persuasion techniques. Where this comes into play in your business as an online entrepreneur is when you are writing or speaking about the benefits of what you have to offer your prospective client. Developing the skill of persuasive writing and speaking will allow you to grow your business exponentially over a very short period of time. Allow me to share my thoughts with you on email marketing, sales copy, and public speaking in regards to effective persuasion techniques.

Let’s begin with a discussion of email marketing. Each time you reach out to your permission based list through an email message is all about persuading your reader to think of you as a credible expert and thought leader in your niche. When you are able to use persuasion techniques to encourage people to take action by reading your words and then clicking on a link to find out more, you are one step closer to this lofty goal of credibility and leadership. Choose your words carefully, remember to make it about what is in it for them, and guide them towards the desired outcome. I do this daily and encourage my community to read, respond to, and purchase what I am sharing with them on that particular day.

Sales copy for your products and services is yet another way to use persuasion techniques in your business. It all begins with your headline, and each section after that persuades your reader/visitor to move on to the next line because you have persuaded them to think of your offering as something that will benefit them personally. And remember that many of us are what are known as “skimmers”, meaning that we will read the headline and then read each sub-headline until we reach the bottom of the sales page. I teach all about this is my course on writing effective web sales copy.

Finally, your public speaking is a reflection of the persuasion techniques you are able to convey to your audience, whether it is in person or on a webinar or teleseminar with hundred or even thousands of attendees. Speak as though you are in front of just one person, much like your email messages are most effective when you think of it as writing to just one person each time. All of this takes practice and thought as you craft your message in such a way as to persuade those you will reach.

You can see that persuasion techniques can take many different shapes and forms in your online business. I also highly recommend a book by Robert Cialdini on this topic called “Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade” that addresses all of these points in great detail. Cialdini uses the examples of reciprocity, consistency, social proof, authority, and scarcity in his teachings.

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