Repurposed Information Products

Repurposed Information Products

Are You Leveraging Repurposed Information Products in Your Online Business?

Whether you are new to information product creation or a seasoned product creator, at some point you realize that almost every topic has been covered before. What your information product will serve to do is present and teach a unique perspective that is based on your experience and expertise on the topic. This is where repurposed information products come into play, as most of us have already created content in one format or another that can be successfully repurposed into a valuable and helpful information product.

For example, I recently released a new online training course on how to become a local celebrity. This is a concept I developed after becoming an “accidental celebrity” when first starting my online business over a decade ago. At my last live marketing event I once again discussed this topic and decided to see what I had already written to repurpose this content into a new product.

It turned out that I had first blogged about how to become a local celebrity in 2011. Then I wrote about this topic in four of my bestselling books over the years, as well as sharing more information on how to do this at each of my live events since that time. The result was massive amounts of content and information that I could easily repurpose into an online course. It was then I decided to use the concept of “repurposed information products” to get this training out to my global audience.

Now lest you think that if you have already talked about a topic and written about it that it isn’t right to repurpose this content into a paid information product, remember that everything any of us want or need to know is already available on the internet. But rather than researching, downloading, sorting through, and then printing out even some of this information, we all prefer to pay someone to sift through it all and present us with an organized product that we will benefit from more readily.

When I create a three or four part course it is my goal to present the information that will be most beneficial to my audience in a clear and concise way. Additionally, I may omit older or outdated information and details while also adding newer information and resources. When someone purchases an information product from me they can be assured they are receiving cutting edge information that will help them to achieve their goals.

So instead of being shy or intimidated by the idea of creating an information product on a topic that has already been covered many times before, seize the opportunity to share your unique perspective in a way that will be beneficial to more people than ever before and position you as an expert in your field with repurposed information products.

I’m Connie Ragen Green and I work with new online entrepreneurs to help them get into profit as quickly as possible. Download your Online Entrepreneur Blueprint and get started right away.

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