Sales Copy Advertorials

Sales Copy Advertorials

Sales Copy Advertorials

Writing sales copy as what is known as an “advertorial” can be highly advantageous to your overall marketing plan for your information products, online courses, and related services. Here I am defining the term advertorial as a newspaper or magazine advertisement which provides information about a product in the style of an editorial or objective journalistic article. In printed publications, the advertorial is usually designed to look like a legitimate and independent news story.

The advertorial style can also be related to a term known to as native advertising, which is basically an article or video, written with the specific intent to promote a product. Try to begin to think of your blog posts, emails, and social media posts as advertorials when your goal is to promote a product, yours or that of an affiliate.

Much has been written and discussed around these concepts. I will tell you from experience that this is an effective form of copywriting that will become second nature as you get more experience with it. While the study of sales copy advertorials is a never ending one, it will also be worthwhile use of your time and effort in the long run.

Think of your sales copy advertorials as long form sales letters. Your goal is to include as much information as possible about the product you intend to sell, and to make it interesting to read. You can break it up with the help of sub-headlines, making it even easier for readers who tend to skim through long articles and other content they read on the internet.

Always remember that as a copywriter you are in the business of persuasion. You still must take a cold prospect and give them a reason continue reading your web sales copy and purchase whatever is for sale. Taking this one step further, your job is to educate and entertain while you are informing. This has also been referred to as “edutainment.” Mastering this skill will take some time, but will make you a highly sought after copywriter known for getting results from your sales copy advertorials.

Start by writing an article about the product you wish to promote. Imagine that you are having a conversation with a prospect while you are writing, and work to overcome each objection they throw at you during this imaginary conversation. Have fun with this, and think of it as trying to gently but intelligently trying to persuade a stubborn toddler to not only do something you wish for them to do, but to do it willingly, joyfully, and at some point even thinking it was their original idea. If you have ever dealt with a stubborn two or three year old, then you know achieving this goal can feel like quite an accomplishment.

Make it your goal to learn more about sales copy advertorials and to practice writing them on a regular basis.

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