Segmenting Your List to Keep It Fresh

Segmenting Your List

Why Segmenting Your List is So Important

Segmenting your list is something you do not hear much about, so I will explain what it means. When someone joins your list they have either opted in to a free offer you have set up or they have made a purchase of one of your products or courses. There are other scenarios also possible but in the interest of simplicity we will just discuss these two as examples.

The concept is that they are only interested in receiving emails from you regarding the offer they joined or purchased and do not want to hear about other aspects and parts of your business. There are exceptions to this rule, but for the most part this is how it works.

Different autoresponder services are set up to handle this in a variety of ways, but the easiest way is to set it up to remove someone from one or more lists when they opt in or join another part of what you are offering. Are you confused yet? You needn’t be as there are more simple ways to handle these different scenarios.

Imagine that someone joined your list in 2016. They were extremely interested in what you had to offer and over time they made purchases from you and through your affiliate link. Over time their interest wanes, and by 2017 they may have gone down a different path for their business. Then you send out a broadcast email to offer them a new free giveaway on one aspect of your business and they must choose whether or not to continue learning from you. This is a crucial moment in your relationship.

If they do nothing, you will know that their interest has subsided. If they choose to opt in to your new offer you will know they are still very interested. They have segmented themselves from the crowd with this action. Now you know that this new list you have created is fresher and more relevant to your business. These are the people who are your best prospects for what you have to offer right now.

Sometimes I make a new offer available over and over to an existing list through a p.s. at the end of my broadcasts. I also make this same offer at the end of my blog posts to find out who is reading them. Social media is also a place to offer people your latest free giveaway.

Keep the idea of segmenting your list regularly as simple a process as possible. Creating new free giveaways needs to be a part of your business strategy and the fact that it helps you to segment your list is a bonus. The most important takeaway from this is that you must continue to create irresistible reports and other content to keep your prospects and clients happy.

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