Storytelling in Your Sales Letters

Using Storytelling in Your Sales Copy

Using Storytelling Effectively in Your Copywriting

Everything in life can be related back to the stories we share and storytelling in general. It stands to reason that copywriting and web sales copy would also embrace the use of stories as a method for getting your point across to readers and potential clients. This type of persuasion is similar to that you would use when attempting to get a friend or relative to see your point and to at least in part, change their thinking on the issue at hand.

Your headlines and sub-headlines must tell a story within just that one long phrase. When you ask “Who Else Wants to Manage Your Reputation To Build A Profitable Business?” you conjure up images in a story like vision of someone having the ability to show others who they really are as a way to explain their value, worth, and character. Now that’s a powerful use of storytelling!

When it comes to features and benefits, your story is one of possibilities. You will be able to push up in the rankings the sites and pages that are most positive and favorable about you and your business so that others will know right away that you are the person they wish to do business with today. Storytelling through these features and benefits bullet points allows the reader to envision the outcome after they purchase from you and before they have the experience in reality. It’s like giving them the ability to see and live a piece of their future in advance.

Testimonials are also an excellent way to incorporate the power of storytelling into your sales copy. When I share the story of the plumber who was devastated to learn that an elderly couple was suing his company after claiming he had taken advantage of them and committed elder abuse, you immediately picture the story, frame by frame, as it plays out in your mind in living color. As the details are filled in and the problem is solved (as a result of your product or training course) the story comes full circle and engrains itself into the mind of your prospect. This is powerful persuasion that makes sense and is completely above board.

Storytelling in web sales copy and copywriting in general is nothing new. This technique of positive persuasion has been around for more than a century. There is a famous story of a letter that was written to twenty leaders in a community to ask for donations for scholarships for a group of needy young men to be able to attend college. This letter painted the story of what was at stake in such a way as to persuade all twenty of its recipients to say yes and write a check. These days a one hundred percent conversion rate is unheard of, but it need not be if what I am describing here is take into account and put in place.

How are you using storytelling in your life and business?

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