Your Productivity Plan as an Entrepreneur

Productivity Plan

Do You Have a Productivity Plan?

When I came online over a decade ago I soon realized that I was a natural when it came to time management and productivity. I’ve written a bestselling book on this topic (Time Management Strategies for Entrepreneurs), as well as mentored more than three hundred twenty-five entrepreneurs on how to increase their work output to increase their bottom line by implementing a productivity plan.

I thought that I would share with you the five activities I do each morning before I do anything else.

Productivity Plan (You Decide What Time Each Day)

1) Write from five hundred to a thousand words. Sometimes this is for a new book and others it’s for my blog(s). This is what I wrote and published at the beginning of this year (2017):

Each of these articles was also published on Medium and on LinkedIn for increased visibility. At this point I am publishing about five articles each week on one or the other of my two blogs.

2) Write and send an email to my community. Over the years I have sent thousands of email messages to my community. It is the way to stay in touch with those who trust you to provide them with the latest information about the topic or topics they are interested in learning more about.

3) Go over my daily, weekly, and overall goals for my life and business. Your goals must be specific and in written form for best results. Also, reviewing them lets you know when you need to change or at least alter them. This piece of your productivity plan is crucial!

4) Read at least twenty pages from a book that will increase my knowledge and understanding of
 business and the world around me.

Today I’m reading “Be the Elephant: Build a Bigger, Better Business” by Steve Kaplan.

See my 2017 Reading List at:

Also, my bestselling book The Transformational Entrepreneur: Creating a Life of Dedication and Service is a free download today. Click the title to go there directly.

5) Work on a new product or course or event. Today I’m making additions to my next live event in Los Angeles during the first week of March. Check it out at:
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So, how can you do this five activities in conjunction with your own productivity plan?

I recommend using a professional Planner like the ones I purchase from Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold at Coaching Sticky Glue. The topics include:

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…and many more.

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There are twenty in all, and if you’d like my recommendation I would say to purchase the one on “Your Story” and the one on “Passive Income”. Then your 2017 will be off to a fantastic start. Your Productivity Plan is only as powerful as you set it up to be, and as an online entrepreneurs you can achieve great things simply by increasing your productivity.