4 Reasons Living with Pets Won’t Get You Any Buyer Offers

4 Reasons Living with Pets Won’t Get You Any Buyer Offers

A lot of people love animals — from photos to cute videos to the tiny sounds they make. However, when the time comes to put your waterfront home for sale in Pittsburgh PA on the market, having pets at home is not a strong selling point.

When buyers step inside your home for the first time, they get to experience how the space would make them feel. They get to see beyond the listing photos and get a more in-depth and up close view of the features of your home. This is a sensory experience where they are critical of the sounds they hear and the aromas they smell, which is why some real estate agents play soft music and bake a fresh batch of cookies in the kitchen during an open house.

If you are a pet owner, here are some of the common reasons why your home might not get any buyer offers because of your pets:

1. Your pets give a bad first impression.

When a buyer wants to see your home for sale on the river in Pittsburgh and your pet is at home when they drop by, it’s hard to predict how your furry friend will react. While some house trained pets are friendly, others can cause a ruckus and bark or growl at the newcomer. This will definitely not give a good impression of your home and might even make the buyers turn around and leave the premises immediately. Prevent this by finding your pets a place to stay while buyers tour your home for sale.

2. Your pets can distract the buyers.

One of the tips that professional home stagers give homeowners is to “depersonalize the space.” This means that you should take away any family photos, framed diplomas, vacation posters, collections and other mementos out of the home. Pets are a personal part of the home and having them around does not allow the buyer to picture themselves living in the home. They need to be able to see the potential of the space and a pet will distract them from that.

3. Your pet leaves a distinct and unpleasant odor.

As a pet owner, you might have been lost the ability to notice the smells your pet leaves behind. No matter how clean the space looks like, some of the smell from their litter box linger in the walls, carpets and floors. Make sure to thoroughly clean the space using enzyme cleaners while keeping all the windows open to make sure that the odor is removed from the space. In some cases, a fresh coat of paint helps to do the trick.

4. Your pets cause minor damage to the home.

Another reason why you aren’t getting any buyer offers for your home for sale on the Allegheny River PA is because of the little damages your pets have caused in your home. Be on the lookout for any chewed wires or floor scratches or broken glass in some areas of the home. When buyers detect the smell of pets in the home, they are usually more careful in checking the hard-to-reach areas and check for pet damage that they might not have otherwise noticed.

Don’t let your love of animals prevent you from getting the best price for your home for sale. Be a smart seller and work with a trusted local REALTOR® who can help you sell your home fast. For even more home selling tips, visit http://www.SoldByConnie.net today.

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