Taking Great Point Breeze Homes for Sale Listing Photos That Sell

Taking Great Point Breeze Homes for Sale Listing Photos That Sell

An online listing can only tell so much about Point Breeze homes for sale in Pittsburgh. It will tell them about the location, the number of bedrooms, the size of the rooms, the community, the neighborhood, and all the other important details of the home. These listings are supported by different photos of the home such as the bedrooms, the living room, the kitchen, the garden, and more. However, not all listings are the same and not all photos are good enough to showcase the beauty of the home.

As such, here are some great tips to help you take great photos of your home for sale:

Stage your home before taking photos. Remember that you want to showcase the space, not the furniture nor the color of the old paint you have on your walls. Clear the space and remove all distracting items such as photographs, toys, papers, and more. You want the future buyers to look at the photos and see the potential of the space, not your personal style and preference.

Use as much natural light as you can. You want to aim for softer lighting so try to schedule a shoot early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Open the curtains or remove them and do not use flash.

Shoot straight on and from a low angle. Taking photos from different angles can result to distorted photos where vertical lines are not aligned. Make your photos look professional by shooting straight on and from a low angle. Luxury REALTORS® in Point Breeze Pittsburgh PA shares that photos taken from a low angle allow buyers to feel like they are inside the home instead of looking down on it.

Use a wide-angle lens. Another way that distorts photos is when people use a wide-angle lens where objects near the camera appear a lot bigger and objects farther away look much smaller. You can avoid this by using normal lens and simply moving further away from the room to take the photo. You won’t get the whole room in one shot but you get quality photos that sell, which is really what’s important.

Take photos of all important features of the house. One of the things that the best REALTORS® in Point Breeze Pittsburgh PA advise their clients is to highlight the home for sale by taking note of all the important features of the house. Did you just add a deck? Have you retiled the kitchen floor? Did you remodel the bathroom? Did you update the roof? Whatever it is, make sure you get a good photo out of it.

Buyers want to see the potential of the space when they look at the photos. So your photos must make them want to imagine their lives living in a Point Breeze home for sale. For more tips on better home selling, go to http://www.SoldByConnie.net.

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