The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial

President Obama recently attended a ceremony to dedicate a new memorial in honor of American Veterans Disabled for Life. During the ceremony, the President acknowledged that our country has not done enough to take care of veterans after they return from war. He said, “as a nation, we have not always fulfilled our obligations to those who served in our name. This is a painful truth and few have known this better than our veterans wounded in war.”

This new memorial in Washington, DC is another important step toward making sure we recognize those men and women who return from war to a life that is not the same as the life they had before serving our country. But we need to do more than just recognize these soldiers; we need to give them all the support they need when they return home. This means both excellent medical care, as well as training and education for pursuing their career goals.

I’m proud to be celebrating next month’s opening of Dog Tag Bakery, a project to give disabled veterans the educational and entrepreneurial tools they need for a successful career. I also hope to see the conversation about this important topic continue beyond the upcoming annual recognition of veterans on November 11. We can’t stop improving the care and support we provide to disabled veterans until every last one has received the backing they need — and deserve — for giving us our freedom.

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