In the first week of September this year (2016) the wonderful directors at The Idea Bureau decided to treat the company to an outing at the Reasons To conference in Brighton.

The whole affair stretched over a total three day-sessions and two evening talks (both followed by a £1 bar!). Unlike any of the other conferences I’ve been to, Reasons had multiple venues, giving you the choice of three different speakers each morning. Although after lunch it was purely single-track — in the main theatre — which was perfect because nobody wants to make decisions after lunch.

Rather than following my initial idea with an extensive blog post; I need to remember that blogging isn’t like writing an assignment. Only a handful of (awesome) people are probably going to read this, so I’ll try to make my blogs short and sweet 🍫

Here are just a couple of the inspirational speakers that have stayed in my brain since the event:

Nelly Ben Hayoun, Adam Butler

The talks by Nelly and Adam both had similar messages at their core. The idea behind it all is just to get out there and actually do the things you’re interested in. Take a page from Nike’s book and Just Do It. It doesn’t always have to be a success, but having something out there, even half-perfect, is an entire world ahead of having nothing out there at all.

Jared Tarbell

Jared’s talk revolved around creating generative art — the making of something special and unique, following the laws of mathematics. He showed how you can draw wonder out of something that may seem simple at first, but ends up growing into something much bigger than itself.

Seb Lester

The work Seb does involves lettering and calligraphy. After staring at far too many pages using Open Sans this has reminded me that type can be beautiful too. (And a couple of us may have taken up some calligraphy of our own)

Joshua Davis

The keyword here is “wayfinding”. Joshua’s talk started with an idea, throughout the duration of his talk he showed everyone the journey he took from idea to idea, and how the destination wasn’t planned at all. Since then I’ve definitely been experimenting with little projects and focussing on what I can do to then evolve them.

Calligraphy by Tash

It might be a bit cliché but everyone is always super inspired after a conference, and the core message always seems to remain the same.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Be proud of what you do.

And keep moving forwards.

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