We need another Madoka Magica movie
Jay Agonoy

I totally and completely disagree, why would you want Madoka to overcome Homura besides the fact that “pink is good and black is evil” trope. Madoka allows herself to be manipulated and lets many of her friends die, Homura saves everyone and actually subverts the system that Madoka only made slightly less terrible. Madoka made her actions out of responsibility, while Homura made her choices out of Love, agency and free will, even ambition, all the greatest of human virtues. Would you like to be a good slave or an “evil” free man/woman. Homuras rise to accept her own flawed nature, and proceeding to take charge of the hopeless and sad situation by actaully takeing some god dammed control over the insanity was one of the most inspiring moments in my life. Homura is my hero, she represents the ability to escape the box that fate has trapped you in, she is the ubermenshe

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