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There are so many causes why a car has to be moved across world worldwide. Might be it was purchased and it must be transported to the new proprietor abroad. Or maybe there is a car show in Sydney, but your beautiful car is either in Melbourne or Adelaide! May be long distances have to be travelled and you want your 4-wheeled joy and pride to accompany you safely and securely. No matter what the reason is, it is definitely good to find a company that would provide the best and an instant quote on Vehicle Transport.

Australian Car Transport makes it easy to get car transport online quote and to book twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Just request your quote, give a few details, and make your payment to complete the booking.

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Our depot to depot services to keep our prices low and affordable with customers satisfied. We are able to transport not only family cars, but 4WDs, vans and commercial vehicles. We can also provide warranty cover of up to $80,000. Please note that we only transport fully functioning vehicles that are empty of all possessions, and have a minimum 15cm ground clearance in all types of vehicles.

The estimated transit time between the two cities is 4 business days, and our expert drivers always strive to get vehicles from A to B as quickly and safely as soon as possible.

Visit our quick quote page to receive an instant quote for vehicle transportation in Australia. Australian Car Transport prides itself on being a reputable, Australian owned and run automobile transport provider providing an excellent and affordable Vehicle Transport service. Whether you are a commercial company or any organisation with several vehicles to move, you can trust us to care for your vehicles on our response. Our service is impeccable and the people working with us possess the skills to understand your needs and give prompt service to you.

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You can book online via our website from your desktop or mobile, simple click and submit the contact us form, select a session and enter your details. The step by step quoting and booking process is too simple and clear. Obtain your quote instantly, fill out a few details that we require, make the payment and your all booked. We will do the rest.

  • We only transport 100% running vehicles.
  • All vehicles must travel empty of all possessions.
  • All vehicles must have at least 15cm ground clearance all around the vehicle.
  • 4WD’s, vans, and commercial vehicles are quoted on 5.3 metres long and 2.1 metres high.
  • Warranty cover up to $80,000 as standard.
  • Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon Utes are considered standard vehicles.

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