“Sitting in silence, I watched time take its time”

Every day we are exposed to so much information in which we need to process. Whether that’s through social media, phone calls, text messages, emails or WhatsApp. You have to respond to your emails almost instantly, as if its a reflection of who you are as a professional, reply to your whatsapp in case the sender has seen your “last seen” because if we turn it off we are not transparent and you certainly can’t hide from a phone call. “Why didn’t you call back?” “I see you were online.”

Yes social media and technology has connected us to the world but at what cost? I sit in a room with some of my closest friends and yet we listen to almost nothing each other say, nodding our head as we like and comment on pictures of people we have never met and probably never will. We have lots of connections, but not as much connection.

So as I sat staring at my phone, I just decided to stop. I lifted my head and decided to be present in that moment. I could now hear the barista making the coffee, the sound of cups hitting off the counter, I could smell the food and coffee in the air, the feeling of the chair from under me and a sense of peace, a sense of being. I watched time, take its time.

Time and silence are the most luxurious things today ~ Tom Ford

Don’t get me wrong its a real challenge to live in the present and one i constantly battle with. Our attention is never focused on one thing for too long and because of this we have to generalize, delete and distort just to get through our day, this is damaging in itself. But what are we missing amongst this chaos? Are we missing life? Is it just passing us by like a shadow in the night?

Slow down you crazy child, take the phone off the hook and disappear for a while”. ~ Billy Joel

So why is silence so deafening? You see if we never give ourselves time for silence we never give our mind time to think, to be still. We are taught from an early age to fear silence, whether that’s in the deep of the night or when presenting on a stage, silence echos our deepest fears. Yet think about how many arguments that could have been resolved if we just learned to be silent, took a deep breath and said nothing instead of an emotional outburst in the heat of the moment.

Silence is a beautiful thing it allows you too reflect, connect to the universe, it touches souls, brings you into the present, solves conflict and it gives your mind time to think, rest and be. I am often misunderstood when i just go offline for a day or so. This doesn’t mean you just stop working, but you can allocate some time in your day for some silence, go for a walk, have a coffee or just watch the world go by.

Silence shouldn’t be something that we fear, its something we should embrace. So don’t be afraid to just put the phone away for an hour and just be. Embrace living.Embrace the moment. I will leave you with the below quote from Alan Watts which I constantly go back too.

The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves” ~ Alan Watts.

Conor Hyland


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