2015 Recap

Used Medium to organize my 2015 year end thoughts. Enjoy.

Personal favourite photo I took in 2015 (The Bay Oct/24/2015)

My Top 5s:

Top 5 Video Games

Top 5 Movies

  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Kingsman
  • Ex Machina
  • Inside Out
  • Sicario

Top 5 Television (I didn’t watch a lot of new shows)

  • Master of None
  • Daredevil
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  • Parks and Rec
  • Game of Thrones

Top 5 Songs


In case you missed it, I have been wandering around Twitch channels with a wrench next to my name. I accepted a job at Twitch late in 2015 and joined the Partnerships Team focusing on Dota 2. I hope to do whatever I can to improve the Dota 2 scene in 2016. I will be working remote in Vancouver so unfortunately I will not return to San Francisco permanently. Hope to see as many of you as possible at events in 2016!

Random 2015 Thoughts:

  • I lost my Twitch Staff hoodie thanks to someone who stole my luggage.
  • Tim (@Shindags) and I have a huge gifting problem thanks to Steam.
  • I only traveled to 5 different countries in 2015 but I visited three more than once. (USA, Romania and China)
  • I will never forget the loss that Cloud9 had against Secret at Dota 2 Asia Championships
  • I took at least a thousand photos in 2015 but I still haven’t posted close to a hundred of them. I swear I’ll post them some day.
  • Speaking of which, My camera screen got busted at The International and I still haven’t got it repaired so I use the electronic viewfinder. Thanks Arif!
  • I got to participate in Vandeca, a choir founded by my friend Marco (@ConfusedTritone). He’s one of the most talented musicians I know and I am super thankful for the opportunity.
  • According to my Spotify, I listened to a lot of Childish Gambino and Isosine (@isosine) PS. I owe you poutine.
  • I really got into Intelligent Dance Music in 2015 but I absolutely detest the genre name.
  • I had a chance to ride in a Tesla Model S and I have never experienced something like that in a vehicle. I will probably get one when I’m rich.
  • I failed to find my good friend Charlie (@CharlieCYang) a girlfriend in 2015. He’s a super eligible bachelor ladies so please inquire within.
  • I’ve been in esports for about four years now and it still blows my mind everyday. I am super thankful to be apart of the scene.

Special shout outs:

Tim Young: The premier purveyor of artisan and vintage memes. He released a game in 2015, helped me work on two projects and is one of the most supportive friends I have. Thanks for helping me achieve #thedream.

Charlie Yang: The Yang to my Ying. You’re a great friend and one of the most passionate people I know in esports. Thanks for being there for me and the scene.

The Choices Crew: The name comes from the grocery we all worked at. The group has grown over the years so I am happy to see everyone is still friends. Thank you all for being my friends for so long.

HLG: You know who you are. Every single one of you mean a ton to me and I can’t wait for all the cool stuff you’re gonna do next year. Thanks for being the realest.

The Fiend House: True homies. Pandaego, MSS and the rest of take care in 2016 and I’ll catch you in the Mumble. Thanks for all the good times.

My family: The people I love. I wish I had the chance to see my extended family more. Mom and Dad, I know you’re reading this so just know that I love you.

My girlfriend: The smartest person I know. You supported me more than anyone else this year, especially when the times got tough. Thanks for grounding me whenever I think I’m too cool for school.

To everyone: Thank you for being you.

That’s about it. I’m probably missing a few chunks out of the year but I hit some of the major beats. Let’s get out there and make 2016 the best year yet!

-Conrad Janzen