Why I charge White People to Educate Them

I charge White people money to educate them on systemic racism, inequality, feminism, and white supremacy. I literally drop my PayPal link in comment sections that turn to me as an exploitable education mule. Basically…I don’t explain my existence for free to any spectator with a Facebook account.

This mostly happens in groups or on friend’s posts since I rarely venture out of those social confines to salvage my sanity. The internet has more race and sociopolitical​ trolls than a mutha and I do not engage with them unless I have a moment to spare.

I watch my Facebook squad get banned and sent to “Facebook jail” too often at the hands of angry internet trolls and I avoid relinquishing control over my account on account of half witted folks with nothing better to do than report me. That’s MY way of doing things.

Instead I actively participate in conversations with friends of friends and friends in small groups with strict rules on how to interact. Most are pleasant and require me to do little in the way of explaining the “condition” that is my identity. Those are the nice conversations where no one owes anyone their time or resources. Ideas and information flow freely and it’s a great time

It’s when this shit happens that the PayPal link comes out:

In less than 3 minutes this woman decided I did not have the right to charge her for Vital education she needs in which to navigate this world effectively as a white ally.

This continued for a minute or two before I remembered I wasn’t getting paid for any of it. I had no investment in helping this person not be a racist white woman, centering white woman, exploitive white woman. She asked a question, not knowing the full weight or value of that question.

Think of it this way: Who goes to McDonald’s, orders food and refuses the bill? WHO STILL EXPECTS THAT BIG MAC AND LARGE FRY after refusing to pay? They are acknowledging the value of that burger to their belly, but not the monetary value Mickey D’s places on that same burger.




Yaaaaay, respectability politics with a dash of “angry black female” insinuation. I didn’t even think I was all that shut down. My wallet was pretty wide open.

Inevitably, What do I get out of explaining anything to this person? Do I educate people about why they are racist cause it feels good? It makes me warm and cozy? No. Money makes me warm and cozy by buying me heat and sweaters. If I gain no joy or benefit from teaching you something you can google or learn on your own…and I give it to you with a fake smile on my face….That’s exploitation and that’s a form of racism. That’s why I charge for it.