Explore dapps, manage your digital assets, and more with MetaMask’s new mobile Ethereum wallet.

The JPM Quorum open source codebase will now be maintained by ConsenSys and made compatible with other enterprise products.

What’s Happening

What Is ConsenSys Quorum?

From monitoring to timestamp considerations, here are some pro tips to ensure your Ethereum smart contracts are fortified.

Use assert(), require(), revert() properly

An update from ConsenSys R&D on their effort to bring trustworthiness to the Beacon Chain and the core foundations of Eth2.


Verification vs. Testing

An excerpt from our recent Ethereum ecosystem report on the exponential opportunity of decentralized finance.

Looking back on the first five years of our ecosystem’s quest to upgrade the Internet.

  1. First, no one’s heard of you.
  2. Then they’ve heard of you but think you’re nuts.
  3. Then they understand your product, but think it has no opportunity.
  4. Then they view your product as a toy.
  5. Then they see it as an amazing toy.
  6. Then they start using it.
  7. Then they couldn’t imagine life without it.

No One’s Heard of You

Codefi Activate and the Ethereum Foundation’s Eth2 Launch Pad, now in testnet phase, is designed for self-validators who intend to stake 32 ETH into Ethereum 2.0’s official deposit contract.

SKALE Network’s SKALE token (SKL) will be available for purchase through a 3-day Dutch auction on the platform on August 17th, 2020 at 12:00p EST.

In preparation for launch, PegaSys Teku is now seeking an external security assessment of the Teku Ethereum 2.0 codebase.

Download our latest report on the biggest trends in decentralized finance.

  • Overall DeFi data statistics, summaries, and visualizations.
  • DeFi user behavior and network visualizations of the user relationships between protocols.
  • COMP, Compound, and Yield Farming.
  • BTC tokenized on Ethereum.
  • Major security incidents and the rise of DeFi insurance.
  • The performance of specific high-profile protocols, including Uniswap, Maker, and Compound.
  • The state of stablecoins in Ethereum DeFi.
  • A look towards DeFi in 2020 and beyond.


ConsenSys is the leading Ethereum software company building MetaMask, Infura, Codefi, ConsenSys Quorum, Truffle, and Diligence. Visit consensys.net

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