For this year’s Consensus article, we’re excited to highlight one of our most innovative clients, WeWork. A platform for creators, WeWork provides over 130,000 members around the world with space, community, and services through both physical and virtual offerings and currently has more than 163 physical locations in 52 cities and 16 countries around the world. In Los Angeles, members can work at one of 15 buildings across the county, and for southland residents, this means a new take on the traditional workplace and the standard commute. …

Santana Row in San José, CA. Courtesy of SB Architects.

By Chris Neil

If New Urbanism can be summed up in one sentence, it might be defined as urban design that makes walking feasible and enjoyable for many daily needs, rather than forcing reliance on the car. It is a planning and development approach focused on walkable communities formed from dynamic mixed-use neighborhoods, promoting human interaction and vibrant public spaces. New Urbanists apply this technique to a variety of smart growth opportunities including new development, infill, preservation, and revitalization.

By Elie Georges

Today we celebrate #SocialMediaDay

Last summer was one for the books. It was my first time traveling alone with nothing but my backpack, smartphone and an LA attitude. It was one of the most liberating experiences as I got to tour three European cities by foot, not in a car on the 405 and I was amused with #NextGenMobility in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Traveling alone was something I would have never considered a few years ago, and to be honest, I was a little reluctant to the idea of roaming the streets of cities that I had never been to…

By Caitlin Ulrich-Smith and Abraham Mercado

As our state continues to face ambiguity at the federal level, Los Angeles is committed to prioritizing state legislative actions that will support the economy, provide assurance to employers, house our ever-increasing population, and improve infrastructure.

In March, Consensus attended the annual Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce-led advocacy trip ACCESS Sacramento, to share the business perspectives of LA with the State’s top decision-makers at the State Capitol.

Individuals were divided into committees to focus on core issues, including Early Education, Energy and Environment, Health Care, Higher Education, Housing and Homelessness, Innovation and Technology, K-12…

By Kevin Tan

An election runoff between incumbent council member Gil Cedillo and underdog bike activist Joe Bray-Ali will take place May 16th. The two hopefuls are competing for the seat representing Los Angeles City Council District 1, the jurisdiction that covers MacArthur Park, Koreatown, Mt. Washington, Highland Park and Cypress Park. According to the Los Angeles Daily News, Cedillo needed 50% of the votes to win in the primary but received 49.34% while Bray-Ali received 37.97%. The last time an incumbent was defeated was back in 2003 when Antonio Villaraigosa, with the help of his political status as former…

By Andrea Conant

Most conferences you go to and can’t wait until it is over so you can go to the bar. Not this one. The fun part of South by Southwest is actually going to the sessions. You are in awe and overcome with a sense of euphoria over the fact that there are so many people across the country who care like you, are dejected like you, optimistic like you, cynical like you, energized like you, yet still hungover like you. Every person is a friend, a citizen, a member of a global community. …

By Ada Ciuca

Are you one of 88.55% of eligible Los Angeles voters that chose not to exercise their right to vote in the March 7 election? Don’t fret — there’s no shaming involved here. Pour yourself some tea and stay awhile, as we update you on the new measures going into effect and 5 reasons why you shouldn’t flake out of your civic duties next time!

While the election results won’t be officially certified by the L.A. county registrar until March 31st, only close calls might be affected by the votes that are still to be counted. Development, homelessness…

By Andrea Conant

What role do Millennials and Gen Z have in the future of transportation? Post your ideas using #NextGenMobility.

Are we tired of the Millennial talk yet? When pondering the generation born between 1981–1995, I’m here to tell you we shouldn’t get tired but inspired. Because, well…it’s inevitable. Plus, keep in mind there’s another generation on the horizon. Though they may seem like a supercharged prototype of their predecessor, they possess some stark differences and they are called Gen Z.

If you are focused on transportation and the future of it, here’s why you should pay close attention to the next generation of commuters:

1. They’re already here and outnumber you.

It’s true, we’ve reached “Peak Millennial”. (!)“In 2015, those Millennials born in…

We sat down with Abraham Mercado, Director at Consensus to get the scoop on his South by Southwest Eco experience this week in Austin. We’ve participated at SXSW Interactive over the years and will be there with bells on in 2017, but SXSW Eco is its more environmentally- and socially-conscious counterpart.

By Brianna Thorpe

As a college student, you never know when or if you are going to find an internship. For juniors and seniors especially, finding an internship that they enjoy and that is fulfilling can be a source of great anxiety and uncertainty. It is very rare that an internship just falls in one’s lap and often times, hours of hard work are spent finding and getting that perfect internship. However, sometimes something divine happens and an unexpected opportunity presents itself with seemingly no work on your part. …


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