The Invading Sea / Blame misplaced

Interesting program today at WLRN, the local NPR station with a panel of journalists from the three major dailies in South Florida. The topic was Sea level rise and what to do about it.

Below is my take

Even those of us who refuse to believe in it, we are all beginning to see that rising seas are real. Will the sea level stop rising if you just refuse to talk about it? Remove all references to it from government websites? Can we pray it away? If we insist that it’s not man-made…

The sentence that defines the American Democracy

A bit of background . . . .

Of the People
People designate individuals of the community, who are known to be clever and who are known to be fair even-handed and just and can be trusted to represent the community’s interests above all, even above self interest.

By the People
The designated individual to qualify to be a Government representative must be someone, who either lives in the community, or is familiar with kind of people who live there, their problems, aspirations and the wisdom to know the ways the community will be affected by issues that may surface from…

The Russia connection

From the end of WWII in 1945 right up until the collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of 1991, the World was roughly divided into two major spheres of influence: the Soviet Union and the “Free West” lead by the US, engaged in a fierce competition for global dominance.

As great as America’s achievements were, the Russians kept pace in all fields, but their achievements came at the price of repression at the hands of a totalitarian governmental system which finally proved to be unsustainable.

After the break up of the Soviet Union, Russia, the…

(the shoe was on the other foot?)

  • What if OUR secret agencies were able to swing an election in Russia and get OUR preferred candidate elected as THEIR President and Chief Executive? (And even if it wasn't them)
  • - What if THEIR NEW President, completely without relevant experience himself, nominated totally inexperienced oligarchs to head various Departments of Government, for which they held total contempt previously and wanted to abolish?
  • - What if THIS NEW President issued Executive Orders, that were racist, discriminatory to minorities, attacked social programs and created disruptions in the social fabric of THEIR country with no end in sight, and which triggered daily…

George Schwartz

Preservation, Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property. Treatment, Consulting, Education Opinions are my own.

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