Conservancy of Southwest Florida applauds passing of Naples Fertilizer ordinance

Conservancy of SWFL
May 16 · 1 min read

Due to the recent water quality problems, including but not limited to red tide, blue green algae, and impaired waterways, there has been an increased outcry over the need for solutions. Part of the solution Conservancy of Southwest Florida has been advocating for is reestablishing a stronger fertilizer ordinance within the City of Naples. This will help prevent nutrients and pollutants from entering our waterways.

Some of the major components of a sufficiently stringent ordinance include a calendar-based rainy season ban and a cap on the application of the amount of nitrogen. These critical aspects were eliminated in the 2017 changes by Council, but have recently been reestablished in a draft fertilizer ordinance by City staff.

At the Naples City Council Meeting on Wednesday, May 15 Council unanimously passed the fertilizer ordinance during the first reading! Big thanks to Naples City Council and Staff for your hard work, dedication, and direction on this important issue that will ultimately benefit our water, wildlife, and livelihoods here in Southwest Florida.

Read more about this issue and what you can do to help improve water quality.

Conservancy of SWFL

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