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Can we fully understand, or even predict, the price movements of crypto assets?

Making decisions in this space can be an arduous and frustrating task, and concentrating on one source of information will have you staring at the trees, while missing the forest.

Today we’ll be expanding our field of vision using alternative data and providing examples that can be implemented in the crypto space.

Alternative Data, beyond news & articles

The financial industry has a voracious appetite for data. …

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Investors around the globe are continuously on the lookout for the golden goose — or in the crypto world, looking for the next Bitcoin. These opportunities could very well appear soon through ICOs: an innovative way for companies to raise capital, for believers to support an idea they would like to see, and for investors to make a fortune. Just in Q1 of 2018, more than 200 ICOs have successfully raised more than $6.5 Billion; the ICO space in Q1 2018 has already exceeded the amount of successful ICOs and capital raised in 2017¹.

Selecting a successful ICO is an art. There are so many variables to consider, and determining which ones are important is no easy task. In fact, most of the panelists at the Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore mentioned that picking an ICO was a very complex endeavor. …

Consilium Crypto

Market Intelligence for Funds, Family Offices, and Exchanges in the Crypto industry

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