“Donald Trump gets up and says what is on his mind,” you say.
Chris Miller

I think people who support Trump have decided that saying something that isn’t true because of being uniformed is better than calculated lies. He speaks the way most average people, they quote stories that fit their views, exaggerate facts, they get heated when someone disagrees with them. What we have with traditional politicians is spin. They are professional liars who have learned how to spin the backlash when called out. This holier than thou liberal perspective is a turn off. Look in the mirror people! I was raised by an ultra conservative father but he taught me not to judge anyone. When Obama became the nominee for Democratic Party, I was so turned off by the far right propaganda that I started listening to the left. I was a full fledged liberal by his next run and wouldn’t even turn on Fox News. The 2016 election was the same in reverse, I couldn’t read Huffpo anymore, CNN started to sound more and more like Fox for liberals. I realized that tolerance on the left was a farce. Donald Trump represented the middle finger to the current system. Both sides use fear to insight their base, they aren’t looking for unity they are looking for justification to judge others. I would rather be on the side that says enough is enough, anything is better than where we are!

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