You’re not a liberal—you’re an extremist wearing trendy causes
Timi Olotu

Timi, fantastic article! The pseudo-liberals (I like that) have completely abandoned the principles that attracted me to the liberal party. The idea that only rednecks, hillbillies, uneducated, racists living in middle America support Trump is incredibly narrow minded and just plain false. My family for example, we are white, college educated, middle class, we live in the 4th largest city (Houston), our kids attend diverse schools that are roughly 12% white, 36% Hispanic, 50% African American, 2% other, all but one of my daughter’s boyfriends have been Black or Hispanic, most of my kid’s friends are not white, and our closest friends are diverse in ethnicity, skin color, religion and sexual orientation, we believe in gay marriage and gun control. I could go on but my point is, we are very liberal by most people’s standards and have voted Democrat in every election. We thought Donald Trump was ridiculous like everyone else before the election but we did like the fact that he wanted to shake things up. We still weren’t willing to vote for him but the idea of this brash, anti-establishment outsider coming in and upsetting the status quo was kind of intriguing. After the election, I felt kicked in the gut and not because Trump won. It was because my party, the open minded, tolerant, kind-hearted people had turned into lunatics. I’ll take Donald Trump’s grandiosity and narcissism any day over a group of people who close their ears to anyone who has an opposing view. It’s not enough to just say you don’t support Trump though, if you aren’t screaming, protesting, insulting and calling for a revolution, you are the enemy. I felt like I had entered an alternative universe, had these people always existed and I didn’t know it? Sure, there are always fringe extremists on both sides but this isn’t fringe, there were no reasonable democrats left. I searched and searched for some sanity on the left and it didn’t seem to exist. Was I the crazy one? How could this be happening? I felt I had been duped, I wasn’t like these people. I finally started to find a few but it hasn’t been easy (Twitter has helped but I have to use a fake name or else risk being outed). I feel exiled into a gray area but since the gray area is so small, the only place I feel free is with the conservative side. I realized through this that the freedom to disagree is more important to me, even if we agree on most other issues. My favorite quote from your article,“By promoting censorship, we never get a legitimate stage for attacking flawed (even if despicable) ideas.” I couldn’t agree more! So, I guess now I’m one of the deplorables, not that I would ever admit it. I would like to believe my “liberal” friends would still love me but I’m not so sure.
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