Dear White Editors, Stop Publishing Pieces That Make You Look Even Whiter Than You Already Are
Ezinne Ukoha

Your passion is beautiful but I’m unclear how all of your articles about white people is productive. I’m glad you have an outlet for your rage and I’m sure you are bringing more people into your fold by convincing them that white people are the enemy. I will never understand what it’s like to be a black American, I would never try to use any of my past experiences to compare because my life has been relatively easy. So as a white woman, I will offend you, no doubt, if I try to empathize with you. Your struggles are undeniably more challenging. I ask you though, are your struggles more challenging than the girl who grew up in a village with barely enough food to survive, no running water, no books, no internet, no choices, no opportunities? Do you feel that by living the life you have with all these luxuries is justification for the village girl to despise you, call you names, stereotype and marginalized you? You are not less of a person because you have never walked in her shoes and your ignorance to her struggles should not box you in as a greedy, ungrateful American. It shouldn’t invalidate your struggles. So why is it that white Americans, who will never understand what it’s like to be a black American be made to feel ashamed? Why aren’t you ashamed for the better life you have? You were given more opportunities than the village girl but is that your fault? Do you think as a white American I don’t have my own struggles? I don’t resent wealthy people, black, white or brown because they have more money than me. I don’t assume they feel less pain than me because of their money or “privilege”. Pain is a relative thing, it’s not something you can objectively measure. In reading your article and browsing though the headlines of your other articles, it seems as though you have strong opinions of how white people should act. I ask you, would it be wrong if I were to write a slew of articles on how black people should act? I don’t need to go into what kind of backlash I would face. Do I believe people of color should act a certain way when interacting with white people, hell no, but I’m supposed to walk on eggshells because of how I was born? I would really like to know, what is it you want? What is your utopia? What do you want me to do as a white person? I would love to make a difference and help people get out of their desperate situations but it sounds like you really don’t want help, you just want to continue the same narrative.

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