What Your Writing Style Says About You

So many of our interactions — both at work and in our personal lives — are done digitally. Whether it’s via email, social media or SMS, having strong written communication skills are not only important for getting things done, but also for building and maintaining relationships with customers, vendors, and colleagues.

Your words reflect who you are

Your choice of words in an email or social media post may feel spontaneous, but they can actually tell a surprising amount about who you are. Text-analysis studies have found a strong link between certain key words and major personality traits.

One study in particular analyzed the Facebook posts of 75,000 participants who also took personality tests. The results showed clear trends in word choice based on personality type — extroverts used a higher number of “social words”, such as “fun” and “party,” while introverts utilized words that referred to solitary activities, including “computer” and “reading.” Narcissists, predictably, talked about themselves a lot, leaning heavily on words like “I”, “myself” and “me.”

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