Was it Yesterday the best time to prepare for your entrepreneurial journey?

Now I’m an entrepreneur. There are 5 months and 18 days since I took this way. I can assure you, it is the best time of my life. I’m close to 29.

To me, it all started almost 9 years ago. I had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. I then started the Faculty Of Computer Engineering, and the second year of study completely changed my life.

At that time, an idea was everything I had. The second thing I had was a domain name.

Soon enough, with an idea, domain name, and tech skills, I launched my first website. It was something I enjoyed creating by observing some need in the marketplace for that specific niche.

One month after launching my website, splitting between my holiday in Valencia, Spain, and working in a recycling factory (as a summer-time activity), I was serving ~1000 users per day with my new born project. I tried to make some money from this traffic, but could not make any. It wasn’t designed to make money from the beginning, and it hardly made any cents until the end.

A few months later..

The second project came in a short period after the first one; less than 6 months I believe. It started with an idea. The second thing that followed was a domain name.

The next step was getting a paper and a pen, and start planning. It started with the idea, why my website will be a success, and how I can make things better. At that time, I had everything: an idea, a domain name, skills and a plan, but time was the resource I needed most. I decided that on Fridays, during a complete month, I’ll miss the classes. So i did.

Less than 2 months after, I easily made few bucks per month from the project. Then doubled the bucks per month and got them for around next 2 years (with less than 10 hours a month involvement). After 2 years, time arrived to move on.

At that time, I promised myself that 2 years after graduating from the university, I would work for experience in other companies, and then start my business.

See the pattern? Idea => Domain Name => Plan => Execution

In the same year, I was offered to buy DNhub.com domain name. Of course, I loved it from the first moment. After a few days of negotiations and a so close missed deal, for a few hundred dollars, I became the proud owner of it. And it got parked in my Godaddy account.

Fast forward to the graduation day, I got my diploma, got my first job, the second job, third job, fourth job, and four years later, I found my courage to start my entrepreneurial journey (2 years later than my initial plan).

In my case, I prepared for almost 9 years to take this road. And to me, it all started with an idea and a domain name, followed by many hours of work and reading.

Nine years later..

Nine years later, I now help others to prepare for their journey. DNhub needed a few years of parking in order to become the source of domains for other entrepreneurs. I am proud of this and I realized that it brings me a lot of achievements, thinking that others prepare at the same time for their own journey.

I know you have dreams as well. I know that your boss is often limiting your creativity. And I know that is not in your control to change misplaced managers, people from top that don’t know how to appreciate your work. If you choose to try the other way, fight to prepare. Be disciplined, do things, learn things. Train your mind to be flexible and open to change.

To me, Yesterday of Yesterday of Yesterday ‘till nine years back was the best time to prepare for my journey.

My advice is to think of your best idea, find a domain name, and start. And by the way, DNhub.com can help you find a domain name, have you tried it Yesterday?