Using ConstructVR to automate your GearVR builds

Automating your build pipeline can drastically increase your team’s productivity including when you’re iterating multiple times a day for your clients. That said, a tutorial was recently written by Hope and Anchor to help you setup your pipeline with Unity3D, CircleCI, and ConstructVR.

As we continue to focus on helping teams deliver the very best VR experiences for their clients and customers, we’ll be surfacing new APIs that will allow teams to customize their workflows the way they want to work. We’re truly excited to see companies wanting to integrate our platform APIs within their existing toolsets!

Jaime Bueza 
Co-founder & CTO, ConstructVR

ConstructVR is an enterprise VR app distribution platform that serves world-class companies including Samsung, Telstra, T-Mobile, Major League Baseball, Verizon, Tool of NA, Reel FX, ADIDAS, Maserati, and Yves Saint-Laurent.

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