How a Contractor can find Peace of Mindthrough Construction Pro Manager

Construction. Buildings. Infrastructure. Projects. Documents.These are not just the names; rather, these are the differentiators in a contractor’s business. Ok, now that last listed differentiator will make your brows rise, as it seems irrational to the first fours. But it is not.

Documents are the key aspect in every construction business and require adequate resources for its management. Conventionally, they might take favorite places in the office closets, in lockers or at any other safe place, but all this will become piles of papers after sometime.

In simple words, construction industry is in documentation purgatory where a lot of time is spent to search information from any specific document related to construction projects. The world where growth is directly linked to time saved, contractors need a solution to match with the pace and achieve their business goals.

Built on a unique organizational software system named the “CLS-Contractor Linked System”, Construction Pro Manager is a document control system integrated with 42 construction-based logs to control, organize and store project-generated documentation. Construction professionals will be able to locate project-generated documents easily, create better working relationships and finish projects on time and on budget.

Designed and developed to have a minimal learning curve, the cloud-based software is an affordable solution for small and medium-sized construction companies, general contractors and project managers. It is made to serve and fulfill the needs of construction professionals like -

· Single, prime contractors

· Mechanical contractors

· Carpentry contractors

· Electrical contractors

· Plumbing contractors

· HVAC contractors

· Roofing contractors

· Concrete contractors

· Masonry contractors

· Landscape contractors

· Sprinkler system contractors

· Steel erectors

· Elevator erectors

· Private developers managing projects internally

· Consulting project managers

Construction Manager Prois available with -

· A 30-Day free trial

· Secure login

· Low-cost subscription plans ($75–$100 per month)

· Annual, biannual and recurring monthly subscription options

· Unlimited users per each co General contractors for the commercial and residential sectors

· Managing contractor client

· Unlimited projects per each contractor client

· Prompt technical support

The above information implies that one centralized source has 42 Construction-Based logs, 16 forms, 3 breakdowns and 3 schedules that enable you to manage your projects more efficiently and find all project documents easily.For Construction Pro Manager to be the software that project managers actually needed, it had to be designed and organized according to the reality of the work site and project managers and contractors’ tasks.

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