Three Quotes in 5 things content marketers can learn from list headlines That Are Just Gold, Baby!

My meta contribution to promoting another classic meta content marketing post

07 May 2015

Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners recently posted in the B2B marketing agency’s blog — in typical meta fashion — “5 things content marketers can learn from list headlines,” extracting the spirit and analyzing the juice of listicles (defined in the post and in the graphic below) and recommending we skip the testicular enumerations and jump straight into what really makes these list articles work:

  1. give real practical help
  2. hurry up with it
  3. format it to enable the reader to hurry up with it
  4. (see here, I combined Doug’s #3 [skimmability] and #4 [clear structure] into one)
  5. make it fun and easy
the three golden quotes, illustrated

But my real key takeaways were three classic lines that I bet even Costanza or Seinfeld or Kramer would call “gold, baby!” To top it off, they’re only mildly related to content marketing, if at all. (I am too easily distracted.) I illustrate them above and quote them verbatim below:

  1. Listicle: a neologism that suggests a cross between a list and a testicle
  2. The jocks won. Wake up and smell the coffee.
  3. Time is the new sex.

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