‘Happiness with rigour’ or the Code of the Project Manager

I wrote this post a while ago, but I’ve just updated based on a few suggestions from folk wiser than me.

The Project Samurai: that’s you, that is

This is my humble (and noble?) attempt to distill my Project Management experience into a code, a way of working. This code — of honour, if you like — captures how I have learned to roll. It’s based around twelve principles, with the rather natty title ‘Happiness With Rigour’. If followed, you and your team will be teleported to the galaxy of continuous improvement — and beyond. Oh, what riches await you, but I digress…

The code

  • Be open and honest, and never shy away from difficult conversations
  • Always ask why
  • All projects are created equal
  • Create a common language to define what you will deliver
  • If no one methodology is the perfect fit, then build a hybrid
  • Consider risks and issues every day
  • Strive to remove obstacles, and help others to make decisions — which are recorded so people don’t dwell on the past
  • You are defined by the strength of your relationships with others
  • Support your team, and your fellow PMs, and learn from one another
  • Share success — it’s not ‘you’, it’s ‘we’
  • Don’t be an arsehole — and don’t allow, abet, or accept that behaviour in others (Jeff Sutherland)
  • And, most importantly, learn from your mistakes and share your lessons learned!

While I’m on a roll, you can add another one to the list: make project management fun and, dare I say it, cool. Why, because it is if you do it right.

Isn’t it time you had a code?

The Humble PM