The five superpowers of a delivery manager

Andy Tabberer
Feb 5, 2016 · 3 min read

I’ve been reading a lot recently about what makes a delivery manager — in particular, what makes a delivery manager. The best, I believe, have a set of superpowers that make them the perfect choice to manage delivery. Here are five incredible superpowers you need to possess to become a delivery superhero…

Bagsy Captain America

1. Alter Egos — aka Tough and Vulnerable

Yes, you walk through ‘delivery’ walls. You never leave a co-worker behind. Your will is both iron and legendary, baby. Yet there’s a softer side. You make mistakes, you admit to them, you learn from them. You’re happy to involve others because you don’t have all the answers. You don’t flaunt your alter egos, but once in a while you show people you are for real — you take a bullet for the team or lift your shirt to reveal a hidden wound.

2. The Chameleon

You have a magical, highly developed ability to change. Your viewpoint, your worldview, your tone, your behaviour. You move from one environment to another with relative ease, from one audience to another, from one project/product to another, changing to suit the scene. You are accepted by any (and all) groups. You blend in.

That’s you, that is

3, Flexible Thinking

You can adapt what you’ve learned in one area and apply this to another. You see patterns everywhere. You can unlearn, let go of old ways of doing and thinking, and consider new approaches. You use this power to foster creativity and improvisation. You know there’s more than one way to solve a problem, and you switch strategies to meet different types of challenges.

4. Intergalactic Communicator

Your silver tongue, quick wit and dazzling drafting skills are incomparable and out of this world. You speak and write in many languages — business, marketing, sales, design, UX, coding, content and, most importantly, client. From small talk with coders — I know — to charming clients, you’re comfortable communicating with all walks of life. You know when the devil is in the detail, and when to be direct, like a mother funking laser.

5. Likability

Never underestimate the power of likability. You know this. You’re naturally curious about what makes people tick, and you always take time to find a connection with others. You charm, seduce, flatter, tease, cajole. You are fair, objective, inclusive. You buy the first round and the last. You stand up for what’s right, you believe in the truth, you respect and accept people and their differences. You supply ‘cake’. And for this, people like you — and want to work with you.

Why do people like you? Because you’re worth it

Remember, delivery people, with great power, comes great responsibility, so make sure you use your powers for good. Got to go now, my sixth sense is a-tingling.

AndyT x

Andy Tabberer

Written by

Ops Director @PixelBeardCo I’m curious about quality, systems and people.

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