Contadormiami — Simple Accounting Guidelines for Small Businesses

Contadormiami have the best and most brilliant accountant in the world. So we asked him to give us some bookkeeping guidelines for small organizations just starting out. Here’s what he wrote. It’s strong advice from a financial advisor who saves us a lot of money. If you want a referral to our individual financial advisor just let me know in the comments.

Contadormiami — Accounting Tips

Contadormiami — Keep it easy beginning out. The easiest form of entity for operating your first business is called a sole proprietorship.This form of possession needs NO special interaction or filings to the Inner Revenue Service until you start spending employees.

Contadormiami — As a sole owner you are the owner/entity which may need only to acquire a work-related license if your county or town mandates one. As the owner, you are also responsible to remit all state or city tax selections on retail or wholesale sales your organization collects. Service organizations and most cross state sales are exempt from state tax collections. Read More

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