Revolutionising Metaverse NFT Land Ownership with Ertha

Own Lands, Real Estate, Companies, Hire in-game Experts to Maximize Your Global Influence

At Contango, we are ecstatic to get our hands dirty (virtually) in Ertha’s revolutionary Play to Earn Metaverse.

Ertha. The Basics

Ertha is built upon the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and has created a metaverse consisting of digital plots of land, these plots of land will each correspond to a single NFT, signifying ownership to the holder. There are also a number of elements of DeFi, allowing users to profit by owning land, as well as receive governance rights from owning tokens.

But what separates Ertha from the crowd is its components that will deliver a new type of NFT and DeFi-based game, with the economic, social, and MMO elements just like the game Heroes of Might and Magic. The game is well known for its explorative and investigative world, as well as, progressing and levelling up, choosing specializations, increasing the strength of your company and country, and more.

Ertha’s metaverse world consists of 350,000 hexagonal land plots, each of which is associated with a unique NFT. Therefore, by purchasing the NFT, you are sole owner of your plot of land as confirmed on chain, which lets you choose where you wish to live, learn, and earn in the Metaverse.

For the ecosystem to function, Ertha will utilise two different tokens, Ertha Land NFTs, and ERT tokens. As mentioned above, the NFT will be used for signifying land ownership.

The ERT token will serve as the project’s native currency, which is just about to be sold to the public via IDOs on various platforms, we recommend you read Ertha’s IDO announcement article for further information. So far, Ertha, held a seed round, offering 5% of the total supply of 2 billion. Following that, it started a Private Round A (10%) and a Private Round B (10%). Now, the project is preparing to offer its tokens to the community in a public round that will only feature 2% of the total supply, although that is still 40 million tokens.

After that, 39% will be used for P2E and staking, 25% for development purposes, and 9% will go to the project’s team and advisors.

Ertha. The Mechanics

Ertha is created to inspire economic and social growth, while simultaneously allowing players to investigate its new world, level up, engage in the market, all through the use of NFTs and its native token. As well as this, the Metaverse has its own politics, and owning land allows users to gather up political influence and get the ability to manage the territories they control by using DeFi instruments.

Each ERTHA hex plot is an extremely valuable NFT where dozens of companies and hundreds of people work in-game and pay taxes in Ertha token.

  • Develop your plots to increase their value.
  • Extract and sell plot resources to the market.
  • Build companies to manufacture in Game NFTs
  • Rent plots to other people.
  • Be involved in the political and economic decisions of the state.

Hexes are highly valuable, but they come in limited supply, so getting a hold of them could bring even more benefits as demand increases.

There are several opportunity benefits for players within the Metaverse, these include:

  • Finding resources, studies (which can be subsidized from the state budget) and jobs via the map.
  • Travel to the farthest corners of the world.
  • Players can build a residence in the place of his choosing.

Ertha provides players with the ability to reshape borders of states and take control of rare resources.

War enables a state and its citizens to achieve its goals on a global scale. Scarcity of rare resources, territorial disputes are among the leading causes of international conflicts.

  • State borders are volatile.
  • All citizens can participate in war.
  • Resources and additional construction sites instigate wars.
  • States can be overtaken by opposing states.

If War, Politics and Exploration are not your strong suit, then as a player, you can reside in your personal Metaverse home.

Ertha will be offering the first residence for free to every player! Following this, a player can buy or rent other residences all around the world as well as build and upgrade a residence in the place of his choosing.

A residence will also deliver its own mechanic, by increasing energy and health regeneration


In this article, we have only just scratched the surface on the components that are being delivered in Ertha’s Metaverse…

With Ertha’s IDO just around the corner, we with the team the best of luck with their launch!

Contango are proud to be backing such an ambitious project to deliver the next advancement in Metaverse worlds. We are looking forward to testing the game mechanics for ourselves and securing the “Contango State” for true Metaverse dominance

We highly recommend checking our further information on Ertha’s social links below









We invest in innovative blockchain and DeFi projects around the world. Fostering strategic partnerships with founders looking for more than just capital.

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Contango Digital Assets

We invest in innovative blockchain and DeFi projects around the world. Fostering strategic partnerships with founders looking for more than just capital.

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