Tips for Grooming Your Cat

Many people think of cats as self-sufficient and that they can do fine on their own. As much as I would normally agree with this, I will say, cats, like dogs, need to be groomed also. There is a spot on the back of a cat’s neck that the cat itself cannot reach when grooming itself. This requires either another cat to groom it or for the pet owner to step in and take action.

Some cats are quite skittish and prefer not to be touched by humans or other animals. If this is the case then grooming your cat can prove to be quite difficult. In cases like this, cats will generally groom themselves with no help from anyone or any other animal. For these cats, you will want to make sure they have play areas with rough surfaces (such as carpeted walls or floors) that they can rub up against to groom themselves and shed some hair. This soothes them and will make them happy.

If your cat is welcoming to human touch, then petting it is the easiest way to groom a cat. The feel of your fingertips releases tension. The nerve endings on a cat react to these touches positively. When you pet a cat, it is like getting a deep massage. Being able to groom your cat yourself will save you a lot of time and money. It is so easy to mindlessly pet your cat, all the while you are actually grooming it.

cat grooming ct goes past appearance to health reasons too. Another reason to regularly brush your cat’s hair is to lessen the chance of your cat getting a furball. Grooming comes naturally to a cat and while although many stray hairs a cat will get in its mouth goes through their digestive system, some won’t which will result in a fur ball. Furballs don’t necessarily harm your cat but the fewer they have, the better.

Finally, the way to keep a cat healthy and groomed is by making sure the claws are clipped to appropriate lengths. Although most cats use a scratch post to keep their claws at a good length, some do not. If your cat is one that rarely uses a scratching post, then you need to make sure you have your vet show you the proper technique in clipping your cat’s claws. You can cause your cat pain if you cut too short or if you let them grow too long.

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