Man Forces His Tentacles On To A Girl & Infects Whole Town — {link}

Beautiful Girls Are Raised & Sold To The Rich In This Facility — {link}

Portals Open On Earth That Sends You To Dimension Where You See What You Want To See — {link}

Beautiful Girl Switches Place With Her Twin In The Mirror So She Can Get Revenge — {link}

Humans Wake Up In Several Rooms With Traps They Must Escape — {link}

Humans Genetically Evolve To Live On A New Planet — {link}

Girl Lures Priest & Mutated Man Tries To Bring Down A Corrupt Government — {link}

Memory Wiping Pandemic Virus Spreads Around Earth — {link}

Humans Travel To The Future To Fight In A War With Aliens To Save Their Future — {link}

Man Uses A Creature As A Mating Slave In a Mysterious Island — {link}

Alex Mutai

Content curation Blog with a interest in Classic Movie & Video Game clips, trailers among other motivational content

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