How to Get The Best Of Your Content Marketing Solutions

Have you been in a situation where a speaker rushes over a highly technical topic to you and other listeners? And he asks “Do you have any question” and everybody keeps quiet? It will be quite silly for the speaker to assume you all understand the topic because you did not ask any question. The point is-you need to understand a topic to a reasonable extent to be able to ask any reasonable question.

This is exactly the way a lot of people request content marketing solutions. Of course they believe it can help their business but they don’t understand how it works so they can’t guide the service provider. This can be likened to sending a friend to order a pair of shoes on your behalf without telling him the size, color, preferred material, brand (if any) and the occasion you need it for. He can’t possibly buy the shoes without those pieces of information.

This is exactly how a lot of first time marketers ask their vendors to send proposals without giving required details. No matter how experienced your vendor is, every business is unique so he needs your contribution for him to come up with highly customized, effective, actionable and accurate proposals to your business. Below are what you should understand before seeking proposals.

Understand the basics of content marketing solution

You don’t have to be an expert in the field but you should understand how it works. That way, it will be easy to understand all what your vendor needs for the preparation of a good proposal. You don’t have to be a tailor to understand that your tailor needs to measure your body to sew a very good shirt for you.

Make your goals clear

Of course, the main purpose of content marketing is to attract prospective customers but there should be series of relevant steps to achieve the goal. Many managers do not even have an idea of the kind of content that they require. This will not only give your vendor a lot of problems, it will also reduce the efficiency of his services.

You can’t just tell someone to go from Boston to Newbury without stating a particular means of travel. In other words, you need to help your vendor to help you. When your goals are clear, your content marketing solutions will lead to a better result.

Let your vendor know you key performance indices (KPIs)

With what metrics would you assess your content marketing solutions? Is it the number of leads generated? Or social shares? Or even the amount of engagement? This will help your vendor focus on what matters most. What statistics have you been dwelling on most? You and your team can deliberate on this. Do you remember the Pareto’s 80–20 principle? It applies here too. Let your vendor know the 20 percent of his focus that will yield 80 percent of the result.

Let your vendor know your budget

The earlier your vendor knows your budget the better. He will tailor his proposals to fit your budget. However, you also have to understand that the amount of money you spend on marketing is a major factor in the success of the efforts. This is why you need to apply the Pareto’s 80–20 principle. It will help your vendor spend money on only what really matters.

Consider your audience

It is better to know your audience. It is very helpful to know the kind of people you intend to send the content to. It is very good to be specific. This will help your vendor come up with strategies that are highly effective. This should not be difficult. Whatever your business is, you are either selling a service or a product. So, you should know the kind of people that will likely buy your products. You should start from there. For instance, if you are into cosmetics, your audience should be women between the ages of 16 and probably 60 years.

Make your topics narrower

New content marketers often come up with broad topics. Apart from the fact that broad topics appear like a lecture, they are usually long and boring. Most importantly, readers usually miss the point that if they even read it to the end. Narrow topics are more interesting, catchier and they come with brevity. For instance, a topic like “how to prevent tooth decay” is better and narrower than “general care of the mouth”.

Watch the tone of your voice

The manner in which you write your content matters a lot. While most customers find formal and authoritative tone a little rude, they usually prefer friendly and conversational tone. Although there are few situations that require you to be formal, it is almost always safer to go with the friendly tone. This is why you may need the services of a tone analyzer.

Begin by seeking staff’s opinion

Since you and your staff are working towards the same goal. It is better to deliberate on all these requirements. In fact, some employees have better understanding and better ideas than you can imagine. So, you should deliberate on each of the requirements listed right above. If you don’t want to make it everybody-affair, you can raise a committee that will deliberate on it. Remember, two heads are usually better than one. Apart from their opinions, they could also contribute to the development of some marketing content.

There is nothing difficult about the points listed above. To make your content marketing solutions work for you, you need to be ready with all the necessary information. When all the right information have been given, your solution will be tailored to your organization.