The Surprising Benefits of Company Blogging You Need to Know

You’ve likely been hearing a lot about blogging, and how more businesses than ever are using blog posts to communicate with both current and potential clients and, ultimately, boost their sales. If you’re feeling a bit confused or behind the times with this trend, don’t fret; we’ll help you understand why more brands are blogging and explain some of the benefits that you can experience from consistently posting on your own blog. Here are some of the biggest benefits you’ll experience when you start a company blog:

You’ll have more indexed pages

Increasing the number of indexed pages on your website can be really useful in reaching customers. More indexed pages mean that your site is more likely to ping something on the search engines when your audience enters certain terms into the search bar. And that, my friends, can lead to exactly what you want it to. More leads.

Say hello to more traffic

Once you start blogging, you’ll most likely have more traffic to show for it. Studies show that business blogging can actually lead to an increase in traffic!

How does it work? First of all, when your blog posts show up in a search for a certain term or phrase, your audience has a better chance of seeing you and clicking to your website.

Another factor is that you’ll start gaining more inbound links — when other websites reference your blog and encourage their readers to go read it for themselves. Once they’re there, you have a ripe opportunity to lead them through your sales funnel.

You’ll showcase greater authority as a brand

By starting a blog and offering information or tips to readers (such as answering the questions they might have about your industry), you’re positioning yourself as an authority on the topic. And that’s a good thing for you. In addition to showing how well-versed you are in your subject matter, you’re also demonstrating your willingness to share that knowledge.

You’ll have a more refined brand voice

Whether or not you realize it, your brand has a voice. Between your website, your social media accounts, and your blog, you’re telling a story. And the more you tell your story, the more your audience will understand your brand and respond to it.

Your blog will help to humanize your company, showing current and potential customers that there is a real name, personality, and brain behind the brand. And trust us, that can go a pretty long way in the world of business today, as consumers crave authenticity more than ever before.

Give your company more relevance

Your blog is your opportunity to share that you know what’s going on in the industry and in the world. It’s your chance to share your stance on anything from important political issues to trending topics. Show your audience you know what’s up. Let them see you’re not living under a rock or overly involved in the other demands of running a business. Bring relevance to your brand by posting exciting and trendy topics on your blog.

Build a bridge between yourself and your customers

When you have an active, thriving blog, you’re giving your customers the opportunity to engage with your brand on an entirely new level. They get to see behind the closed office doors into the culture of your company. They get to see what you care about. And then they have the opportunity to discuss it when they share your post on social media, or if they add a comment in the comments section. Engaging your customers is key to customer relations.

Don’t just think about it. Start blogging now!

We know it can be pretty tricky to get your blog off the ground on your own. That’s why we’re making it easier than ever before. Just reach out to the content pros, and we’ll be happy to put together a content strategy for you and get your blog started!

Originally published at on August 22, 2016.