My Cover Letter For “Funny Business Copywriter” Job

To Whom It May Humor:

You had me at “Funny Business Copywriter.” But seriously, this is my job — really a “no contest,” “in the bag” situation. Where did all of this assuredness come from, you may ask? It could have been spurred by my lifelong passion for writing or my 3+ years as a marketing writer in agencies. It could even have something to do with my [possibly delusional] belief that I am 100% a star. You know what, that’s no delusion. I’m hungry to be better, more compelling and astounding, each day. I’m also hungry for those little dark chocolate covered acai berries that taste like mother nature throwing a roller disco party… but that’s pretty irrelevant.

To be honest, I kind of cringe when people’s job titles on LinkedIn or Twitter are “Storyteller” or “Thought Leader.” But, the reality is that these heavily used buzzwords are oftentimes accurate descriptions! I know that I am a storyteller, having told creative and strategic stories for a variety of business models across verticals. Cybersecurity CAN be sexy. I have even prided myself on generating thought leadership content to drive leads and build brand trust. I full blown drank the inbound marketing Kool-Aid in early 2015 when I started living and breathing HubSpot (See?!). From countless buyer persona exercises to content map deliveries to website buyer journey optimization, inbound has been my wingman on my digital prowl for resonance.

Another honest tidbit: I’m trying to be humble here but I’m an absolute joy to work with. Amidst crushing it at project management, producing next level social, and keeping copy of all forms fresh (PROOF), I will floor you with my pristine shoulder dancing to RiRi beats. You can count on me for smiles on smiles and teamwork just as fabulous as that in A League of Their Own.

If you want to hear more, hit me up on Insta and don’t forget to follow! Just kidding. You can certainly shoot me an email at or hear my mesmerizing voice (Really?) via (###) ###–####. It’s been a pleasure!

Hoping I garnered chuckles,
Meaghan Moraes