Monetize Your Content

Aug 16, 2018 · 3 min read
ContentBox allows you to monetize your content

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “you have to pay to play?” Think about this. Every time you log on to a social media site and post a comment, upload a picture or video, write and post a blog review, you enrich the owner of the digital platform and get nothing but system use in return. Platform giants make billions of dollars from aggregating everyone’s creative digital contents making their business models viable. Why should this be? Platform owners should “pay to play!” Content creators should be allowed to freely monetize their digital content by having a more equitable engagement.

How would you like to “get paid” for your content? Welcome to Contentbox, the world’s first blockchain platform for digital content owners, creators, and consumers. The beauty of this solution is you no longer have to give away your digital content for free. Contentbox is an innovative blockchain, enabling anonymous content owners willing to publish and consumers wanting to buy, to transact business over the Contentbox blockchain. There is no company intermediary taking control of your digital assets as before. The blockchain is a decentralized peer-to-peer network allowing you to collaborate, innovate, build, engage and transact with a new generation of digital content applications that play on fair terms within the ecosystem.

The stakes are now high for this disruptive technology as Contentbox is poised to revolutionize the traditional content distribution industry rigged against digital asset owners. The Contentbox platform consist of content shared pool, a shared user pool and a unified payout system allowing you to get BOX tokens as rewards every time your content is consumed. There is no need to sit idly by without alternatives anymore.

What’s great about the platform is it allows for high-frequency transactions and privacy protection along with micropayments. As your user base grows, the system scales by allowing smart contracts to automate and streamline the payment transaction. Additionally, the platform has an open application programming interface for developers to write code for distributed apps to create new markets for the digital asset consumption. When developers use BOX Unpack and BOX Passport, many new applications are built, integrated and deployed on the Contentbox platform. Developers can migrate their classical systems to this modern tokenized platform and write new service features to work with their existing digital stores.

The approaches and technology above represent a fresh new start to create a more equitable playing field for content creators and consumers. The digital content open source software community we’re fostering brings potentially unlimited use case possibilities. More importantly, we predict, gone will be the days when digital platforms don’t “pay to play.” Now you, the digital asset owner, “get paid” for all the hard work you do to create digital content. The revolutionary blockchain technology, Contentbox, monetizes the content distribution ecosystem. As a lightweight digital wallet, it allows the user to instantly see their balances and transaction history while using the app.

Contentbox empowers a new decentralized economy and digital content ecosystem to put you “in the money” and not just the pockets of webscale players.


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