The Voice on Blockchain: Season 1

Aug 20, 2018 · 2 min read

Calling all content creators!

Do you have a channel on Castbox with at least 50 subscribers? Do you want to be the first voice on Blockchain, paving the way for content creators to be rewarded in ContentBox’s cryptocurrency, BOX token? ContentBox is a blockchain infrastructure built for the digital content industry. We are partnering with Castbox to enable content creators (i.e. podcasters) and content consumers (listeners) to be rewarded in cryptocurrency (BOX token).

The Voice on Blockchain is the first decentralized talent competition built for the crypto space. The winner will achieve the historic feat of acquiring the most BOX tokens for their work and have their voice put on Blockchain, making history. Join us for season 1!

This competition will be hosted strictly according to blockchain standards: everything will be transparent and open to the public.


The Voice on Blockchain campaign will run for 37 days.

Start: August 20th, 2018

End: September 26th, 2018.

You can sign up / join at any time during this period.

How to Participate:

You will need at least 50 pre-existing subscribers on your Castbox channel to join. If you meet this criteria, please complete this form. Each participant will be scored based on the following:

  1. # of NEW listens added to your Castbox channel over the 37-day period (Aug. 20th — Sept 26th)
  2. # of NEW subscribers added to your Castbox channel over the 37-day period (Aug. 20th — Sept 26th)
  3. # of BOX token rewards received from your listeners/fans

FINAL SCORE = new listens (30%) + new subscribers (40%) + BOX tokens received (30%)

We will publish a public list of each channel’s score, which will be updated each day at 12am EST. The top 10 channels will be published on the Castbox and ContentBox Medium pages. Winners will be announced on September 26th at 12am EST.


Every participant will receive 500 BOX tokens.

Grand Prize Winner — the person with the highest score will receive 100,000 BOX tokens ($2,180) and be the first one to have their voice on Blockchain. The winner will also be featured in the Castbox app for 1 week — a great way to grow your audience!


Here are some handy templates you can use on social media to encourage your fans to listen and subscribe to help your score:

“Help me become the first voice on blockchain! Listen and subscribe to my podcast to vote: (insert link to your podcast)”

“Listen to my podcast here (insert link to your podcast) on Castbox! Vote for my channel in The Voice on Blockchain”

“I’m a contestant in Season 1 of The Voice on Blockchain! Please vote for me by listening to my podcast. 1 listen = 1 vote!”


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