Self-Driving Trucks Are Going to Hit Us Like a Human-Driven Truck
Scott Santens

Have you ever seen the Bee Movie? An unconditional basic income just doesn’t work — it’s counter to basic human nature which wants to feel needed and valuable. All those people at the Trump rallies…they’re not angry because the government isn’t giving them money…they’re angry because they can’t find a decent job that allows them to support their family. Right or wrong, they blame the politicians for selling them down the river with NAFTA. They don’t want free money, they want a job.

Instead of a basic income, the federal government needs to provide jobs and training for jobs and low cost education. Even when the robots take over, there will be plenty of jobs to do. Right now, politicians think all these things are too expensive. But they’re all much cheaper than starting wars because the electorate is angry, desperate and bored.