Brett MacDonald

No. THANK YOU! I realize the NY Times article is slanted. And that’s why I quoted the report itself. Who would know better what a greater threat is to a citizen’s safety than local police? And the police think that white nationalists pose a greater threat to a citizen’s safety than Muslim radicals by over a 2:1 margin. That’s the stat I trust the most. If you want to slice and dice the meaning of the word “white” be my guest.

But since we’re talking about definitions, you point out that you believe that American lives matter more. What is your definition of American?

Finally, your obviously good at examining statistics. But why are you making a direct connection between crime and being Muslim? Statistically, the poor commit the most crimes. If you understand Baye’s Theorem, then being poor has a much greater correlation to crime than does being Muslim. You are making a base rate fallacy because of your ideological beliefs are causing you to leap to conclusions.