I’m Not Proud To Be White

The Economist had a recent article on the rise of conservative white identity politics. And it is Exhibit A for why try treating race as part of individual identity is a bad idea.

I’m not proud of being white. Or proud of “my people”, my heritage, or partial middle eastern ancestry. Nor am I ashamed of them. These are things I had no control over. I didn’t pick them. My race is neither my fault nor my credit. Is just is.

Nor was I personally involved in the great accomplishments or great atrocities of prior white people. I have as little claim to Thomas Edison’s inventions as I do to Rosa Park’s bravery. Neither were me and I was apart of neither’s life.

People will try to argue that identifying with racial identity is about identifying with common experience. Okay, so focus on the experience then. And the ridiculousness of your skin-color subjecting you to worse treatment. Because that’s what race is: Ridiculous.

i.e., combatting racism should be about destroying racial identity and not celebrating it. There could, after all, be no racism without racial identity.