Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash

My proposal to Republicans on healthcare

Re-insurance is insurance-for-insurance companies.

The federal government could sell under-priced re-insurance contracts to the insurance companies. These re-insurance policies would provide a back-stop for very expensive patients. Maybe even have the re-insurance cover all costs for pre-existing conditions.

This would lower the insurance payouts that insurance companies themselves have to make. In turn they could lower premiums. (Yes, they would have to to remain competitive unless they decided to break anti-trust.)

Keep in mind this is essentially “Diet Single Payer”. But that fact is obfuscated enough to give GOP lawmakers wiggle-room to propose it.

An advantage to this plan is that insurance companies themselves would support it. Whereas a straightforward-single-payer proposal would receive heavy opposition due to it, essentially, annihilating the insurance companies.