Progressives Can Be Happy Or Gain Power. Not Both.

Progressive rhetoric is scary to the voters needed to win.

Progressives can either be happy or gain power. But not both.

Progressive rhetoric is very threatening to swing voters. Many people find Trump’s rhetoric distressing, but aren’t going to vote Democrat if they think you’re out to change their way of life. Or that you hate them.

Call them bigots, racists, or misogynists, but you’re going to need some of them to gain power. And it is possible — as President Barack Obama showed.

Many of the people who voted Republican last night in Florida, Indiana, Texas, Arizona, North Dakota, Georgia, etc, likely voted for Barack Obama. Why? Because Obama stayed away from progressive rhetoric.

Obama was boring. He was professorial. He was non-threatening to white voters despite being a black man. He did not bring up “white privilege”. He did not appear out to change their way of life.

In 2008 he was against gay marriage. Progressives let that slide and voted for him anyway. Obama — having won the Presidency — was then able to appoint Sotomeyer and Kagan to the Supreme Court. Who were instrumental in making gay marriage the law of the land.

But if Obama had run as pro marriage equality, he would have never won in the first place. And therefore gay marriage, paradoxically, wouldn’t be the law of the land right now.

It’s interesting that the one Democratic swing senator to hold on last night was Joe Manchin. The one Democrat who voted for Kavanaugh. (Though Tester may squeak through.) Because the Kavanaugh hearing confirmed to many that Democrats are out to change their way of life.

It shouldn’t help a party’s electoral chances to have their SCOTUS nominee accused of rape: Virtually all voters agree that rape is bad.

But it did, as progressives made the Kavanaugh hearing about “Me Too” and progressivism as opposed to “Did this guy rape her or not?” That was threatening to many of the same voters who likely voted for Barack Obama.

Progressives: If you want to change the world you’re going to need to do it with the votes of people you don’t like. Which starts with convincing them that you’re not out to change their way of life.