The GoodCarts Giving Tree — Turning Traditional Advertising Models into Sawdust

If you listened to traditional media, you’d hear that your potential for business growth is directly tied to your advertising spend. Hint: Traditional media needs you to believe you have to spend money to make money because their business model depends on it.

While advertising is one way to get in front of your customers, it’s not the most sustainable way and it’s certainly not the most effective.

So, what’s a better option? Building a community. More specifically, building a community with opportunities for mutually beneficial exchange between community members.

This is the model GoodCarts is built on. With your help, we’re growing community of like-minded businesses who not only share each other’s products and services, but also serve as a total replacement for advertising for forward-thinking media organizations like who offer a voice to the issues you care about most. This has never been done before.

It doesn’t cost a penny to become a member of GoodCarts, but we have high standards for new members who join our community. We are only interested in adding members to the network who are mission-driven and committed to running a business that benefits people, the planet and profits.

How does traditional advertising stack up? Take a look:

As you can see, GoodCarts is a more effective, sustainable and affordable choice than advertising. And when paired with a media organization like, GoodCarts helps give a voice to the issues you care about. If you know a mission-driven business who is spending too much on advertising and not getting the results they are looking for, let them know about our community.

ExpoWest: Coming Soon

Speaking of connection and community, ExpoWest is coming to Anaheim, CA in mid-March. If you’re attending, be sure to connect with other members of our community while you’re there.

Chris, Josh and Zack

Co-Founders | GoodCarts