Closed suction system

A closed suction system is needed for all those patients who are ventilated mechanically as these patients are usually fitted with a tracheostomy or an endotracheal tube. This is a suction method that involves a catheter that is multipurpose. The various advantages of a closed suction system are that this system does not require the disconnect of either the oxygen source or the ventilator from the patient’s artificial airway as and when suction is required, thereby reducing the danger of oxygen desaturation as well as infection.

Airway management is needed when a patient is under anaesthesia and extra care needs to be exercised. Thus, an airway system can be defined as an apparatus that helps the lungs of a patient affected with abnormality of the trachea, larynx, lung cancer, or bronchi ventilate mechanically. The airway system of a human body consists of the trachea or the wind pipe, which branches out into the bronchi and then into the lungs. A breathing passage or an airway system is therefore termed the pathway through which lungs receive air.

Depression and sadness is the overwhelming feeling that every patient feels post-surgery. This is only but natural as it requires a lifestyle alteration. A urine meter is one such device where a patient is advised on using, since the patient is immobile. This is usually used on patients post a surgery. It is also being used on patients who are critically ill and unable to ease themselves naturally. This device determines the accurate measure of urine collected and serves as a collection or drainage bag. This happens post the collected urine is measured and should be drained or emptied.

An ostomy bag is defined as an artificial pouching system that can be customised. This device is fitted onto the stoma or the ostomy snugly to collect body waste. A patient is advised to wear an ostomy bag irrespective of a Colostomy, Ileostomy or an Urostomy, this bag can be hidden with clothing thus making it invisible. The bag can be customised or bought online, the only difference may be the varying shape depending on the kind of ostomy the individual has undergone. One must be extremely sure that the ostomy bag is drained, cleaned, disinfected, and changed periodically.

A stoma is the surgically created opening on an individual’s abdominal wall. It is not age related. Individuals of different ages may have one. The reasons for ostomy to be performed may be many, where the creation of a stoma is advised. This is mostly in the case of Cancer, Inflammatory Bowel Disease or Crohn’s disease, diverticular disease, trauma or even a birth defect. The three types of stoma are named Colostomy, Ileostomy and Urostomy. These surgeries are alike only with a few differences. These are performed when waste in the form of faeces or urine cannot be passed naturally by the patient.

It is imperative that appropriate stoma care be rendered post-surgery. Usually, the stoma is pink and moist, resembling the inside of a mouth. A swollen stoma post-surgery is not unusual and should not be the cause for worry. This swelling will gradually reduce over a period anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks. As the stoma has no nerves, the individual or the patient will experience no sensation upon touch. Stomas vary both in shape and size and from person to person and is not age related. The stoma must be cleaned, kept dry as well as be disinfected regularly.

An ostomy appliance is nothing but a pouching system that must be used by patients who have undergone a Colostomy, Ileostomy or Urostomy. These patients are advised these surgeries in the case of Cancer, Crohn’s disease, commonly called Inflammatory Bowel Disease, trauma, or a birth defect. Once a stoma is created surgically on the abdominal wall of the patient, an ostomy appliance which can either be an ostomy bag, a urostomy bag, or an ileostomy bag is fitted onto the stoma. Bodily waste like urine and faces collect in the pouching system.

The preparation for surgery starts both mentally as well as physically once the patient has come to terms that an ostomy is inevitable. On the completion of the surgery, the patient will require adequate care, as is the case post every operation or surgery. Having said this ostomy care is of prime importance where a pouching appliance is advised for the collection of body waste. The use of a mild soap preferably alcohol-free is advised to clean the stoma. Wet wipes, along with a disinfectant should be used each time the pouching appliance is drained or cleaned. The pouching appliance will have to be changed post periodic intervals.

If you are at a loss as to what an Ileostomy is, an ileostomy is nothing but an ostomy, that is created surgically on the abdominal wall or the stomach of the patient. Here, the lowest part of the small intestine that is commonly called the ileum is brought in through the hole to form a stoma. This is usually created on the lower right end of the abdominal wall of the patient’s body as it is unable to secrete waste by itself. One created, patients are then advised to don an ileostomy bag or a pouching system that helps in the collection of faeces and urine.

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