Ostomy Bag

Ostomy bags — their types, mechanism, variation and usages

What is an Ostomy?

An Ostomy signifies a surgical procedure that is created as an hole or aperture in the human body that enables discharge of bodily waste. It is done to treat patients suffering from severe digestive or urinary diseases. A stoma Care is an opening of the ureter or small or large intestine that can be seen coming out through the abdomen.

Ostomy Bag

How does a Ostomy bag work?

A colostomy surgery that makes a temporary or permanent opening called — stoma. The stoma is a pathway from the large intestine to the outside of your abdomen. This helps solid waste like stool and gas exit the body without passing through the rectum.

The waste is collected in a pouch Ostomy Bag worn on the outside of your body. This pouch is a plastic bag which also consist a flange, barrier, and a collection pouch that is attached mechanically or with an adhesive in an airtight seal.

Different types of Ostomy Bagging Systems

Ostomy bagging system generally includes a one-piece system or a two-piece system. Both the systems include two devices a skin barrier or wafer and a waste collection bag.

The bag (can be one-piece or two-piece) is joined at the abdomen by the wafer and is fixed around the stoma to gather the diverted body excreta -stool or urine. The wafer is developed and designed to protect the skin from the stoma output and to be neutral in nature and shields it from any infection.

Colostomy and Ileostomy Bag — These ostomy bags are of two types –

i. Open-ended (which requires an enclosing equipment like a clip or a clamp); Open-ended ostomy bags can be drained and can be reattached to the body after emptying.

ii. Closed ended Ostomy bags are usually used by patients who can have regular elimination of faces. Closed end ostomy bags are generally discarded after one use.

Two-Piece Systems — They allow changing of ostomy bags while the barrier membrane is attached to the human body. The barrier or wafer membrane is part of the flange unit. These ostomy bags have a closing fringe that attaches perfunctorily to a similar piece on the flange. It is just like the flip and screw lock system used in plastic containers.

One Piece Systems — The one piece system comprises of the ostomy bag and the skin membrane attached together to form a single unit. It is much simpler than a two-piece system but these types of bags require replacement of the entire system unit when the bag is changed.

Methodology of the Systems

Irrigation System — There are some colostomates that can irrigate regularly by using a process similar to enema. In this course the faces is cleaned out from the colon through the stoma care.

The entire course requires a unique irrigation system, comprising of irrigation bag along with a catheter, irrigation sleeve and stoma cone. Smooth lubricant is applied on the stoma Care for ease of passage of waste. Post the irrigation; patients can use any of the bagging system the one piece system or two piece system.

Urinary Pouching System — urostomy bag may use either one or two piece systems as its function. These systems contain a special valve which adapts to either a leg bag or to a night drain tube attaching to a particular drainable bag.

There are numerous types of bagging systems. There are different numbers of procedures like flat barrier and convex shaped barriers. The barriers can have adhesive backing or may be without any adhesive. Some companies have even introduced drainable ostomy bags with a built-in tail closure that doesn’t require a separate clip.

When you need to decide as to what particular type of system to choose is generally a personal opinion aligned to each individual’s needs. There is no perfect choice while deciding on the perfect bagging system but each patient must find the option that is most suited for them.

If you are currently uncomfortable with your present ostomy bag or pouch, you may discuss the same with your ostomy nurse and choose a bagging system that should work better for you. There should not be any reason for continuing a system that doesn’t perform the best and make you uncomfortable.

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